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Mafia Di Mare


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Platform: Tabletop
Genre: Competitive Card Game (2-4 players)
Team: Four Designers
Development Time: 4 weeks

Mafia Di Mare was made during our Game Design 101 course, where we’d have lectures every other day, and simultaneously work in teams to create board-/tabletop games.


Our idea behind Mafia Di Mare was to create a game that was at its core competitive, but could be played cooperatively, mostly in order to allow for one of our favorite features in tabletop games – backstabbing!

We decided fairly early on having it being a card game, primarily because card games are easily accessible, and doesn’t take quite as much time as designing a board. After a while of drifting between different themes and ways to play the game, we decided to go in a comical (and maybe a tad inappropriate) direction with a food themed, stereotype filled mafia game, where the players takes control over various mafia families and go on missions in order to be the last mafia family in control!